LPG in Cylinders

FAQ’s about LPG in Cylinders

How can I detect LPG leaks?

LPG leak is detected easily and timely due to its characteristic odor. Other ways of detecting leakage is the “blurring” when we look closely at the vicinity of the leak (due to the phenomenon of refraction) while for larger scale leakages, the noise or freezing at the point of LPG leaking. In any case, to find the exact point of leakage, we only need to make use of a special leak detector spray or use soapy water. At the point where the leakage is occurring bubbles will be noticed.

Why LPG cylinders from PetroGaz?

For immediate service, safety, quality and savings.

How can I buy cylinders for my home or my business?

According to your location:
Contact us on the following numbers.

How can I distinguish whether a cylinder is safe and usable?

The process of LPG cylinders filling in the legitimate filling facilities always follows strict safety regulations. Whenever each cylinder empties, it is returned through the PetroGaz network to our facility, where it is subjected to rigorous testing before filled with LPG. Only if it is characterized usable it is refilled, checked for overflow, subjected to additional check for leaks, while the proper functioning of the stop cock is examined and afterwards the cylinder is “sealed” with a special safety cap and heat shrink cover. You should never use cylinders without this “seal”; immediately inform PetroGaz if such cylinder reaches your hands.

Am I allowed to refill my cylinder?

No it is illegal:

  1. According to the existing legislation the illegal cylinder filling is a crime and law regulations will enforced in such cases. Under current legislation the filling of cylinders with LPG may only be performed in the licensed operating filling plants, where the checking of their status can be accomplished. You can find our cylinders EVERYWHERE throughout GREECE by means of our entire, authorized dealers’ network.
  2. Refilling the cylinder anywhere else but in PetroGaz factories you are NOT receiving all the services that PetroGaz provides, like the inspection of the cylinder and the quality of the content.

In what way is the product I buy ensured?

You will be sure and safe that the PetroGaz cylinder you buy is of fine quality only if that cylinder has all the official PetroGaz trademarks and the valve is sealed with the PetroGaz logo. Our dealers are ready to meet your needs in the most appropriate, high quality, safe and economical manner. Choosing through this vast network of thousands of dealers and outlets, you are ensured by the quality of PetroGaz and the certainty that during the bottling process the strictest standards have been met for a safe end product.

What can I do if I want more autonomy?

Although a cylinder is commonly used for low consumptions, that is where a relatively low LPG supply is required, a higher consumption may be covered when cylinders are placed in arrays of 2-3 or more depending on the space and usage, and thus a higher flow may be delivered but also with increased availability, due to the capability of replacing the empty cylinders, while the full ones are still serving consumption.

What is the weight of each cylinder?

The weight of each cylinder related to its content of LPG, while its tare is written on it.
The cylinders by PetroGaz are of the following sizes:
10kg mixture cylinder, total capacity 23.8 lt
14kg mixture cylinder, total capacity 30.6 lt
13kg propane cylinder, total capacity 30.6 lt
25kg propane cylinder, total capacity 59.5 lt

How long will a cylinder last for?

The time length of each cylinder varies depending upon its type.

Why are there blue and silver LPG cylinders?

The cylinders by PetroGaz are divided into two main categories:
a) blue cylinders containing mixture (household usage) of 10kg and 14kg
b) silver cylinders containing propane (professional use) of 13kg and 25kg