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LPG: for every season there is PetroGaz

LPG is a fossil fuel consisting of a mixture of propane and butane and is stored in a liquid phase. Liquefaction reduces the volume of gas by 250 times compared to standard low-pressure conditions, resulting in savings in transport and storage costs and greater efficiency in the energy production process.


LPG, thanks to its characteristics, is able to satisfy the energy needs of users in all those areas that are not reached by the natural gas network.

PetroGaz, thanks to a widespread and exceptional network and its efficient services with 12 depots allover Greece, can bring an economical, safe and ready to use fuel everywhere, from your home to your company. 


The use of LPG also helps the environment: in fact, LPG is considered the most sustainable fossil fuel, being a by-product of the extraction and refining of crude oil and natural gas. In addition, the current LPG logistics infrastructure is extensive and does not require further investment. For these reasons, LPG is considered to be the “handy” fuel in Europe.


Calorific value

Another important feature is the high calorific value of LPG, as can be seen from the comparison table.

For your home

PetroGaz provides LPG in cylinders and small tanks of different capacities to satisfy different needs: a versatile and safe fuel that will allow you to cook, have hot water, heat or cool your place and accompany you in your free time.

For your business

PetroGaz offers to all customers a highly specialized support to identify suitable solutions, analysing consumption and energy needs. Thanks to its characteristics, LPG is used in Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel – Restaurants – Cafes) and in many industrial sectors, from construction to food, from manufacturing to metallurgy.


PetroGaz today cooperates with more than 180 gas stations all over Greece, always providing unique quality and service to the consumer. More and more consumers are daily discovering the benefits of LPG in Automotive, which are described below:

  • Significant saving compared to other fuels.
  • Reduction of emissions of pollutants that cause the greenhouse effect and burden the environment.
  • As an immediately available alternative fuel with significant advantages in terms of emission of pollutant particles,
  • LPG can help European cities turn green faster but also as a mitigating factor for climate change
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