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ButanGas solutions for your mobility

ButanGas supplies LPG, LNG, CNG and electricity to meet your personal mobility needs as well as for your company.

Multi-fuel stations

Energy Rete Srl is the network of 10 multifuel stations owned by ButanGas for the distribution of LPG, liquid and gaseous methane, petrol and diesel.

LPG for automotive

ButanGas operates throughout the country through its warehouses and third parties and guarantees competitiveness and an efficient LPG refueling service for automotive use.


ButanGas promotes itself on the national territory as a partner for the refueling of LNG plants and strongly supports liquid methane as a transition fuel towards full electric with particular attention to heavy vehicles.


Many ButanGas refueling stations offer compressed natural gas among the deliverable products.

An economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Electric charging stations

ButanGas is interested in the evolution of the automotive sector and closely follows the development of electric mobility.

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