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LPG for your business

PetroGaz offers to all industries and enterprises a highly specialized support to identify energy solutions suitable for different needs, analysing the special characteristics and needs of your company. Thanks to its advantages, LPG is used in Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel – Restaurants – Cafes) applications and in many other commercial and industrial sectors, from construction to food, from manufacturing to metallurgy.

Our aim is to formulate proposals that, thanks to the use of LPG, can make operation and production processes more efficient, simple and economical, while reducing the environmental impact.

Our efficient and widespread logistics network guarantees a constant and reliable service, as demonstrated by thousandσ of customers who have already chosen us throughout Greece.

You will always find a PetroGaz branch or representative near you. For any request or information please contact your nearest branch.

Heating and Cooling

Heat your company with PetroGaz LPG and discover all the benefits of clean, safe and efficient energy. And for the summer months, thanks to innovative machinery and equipment such as gas heat pumps you can also have cooling in your business using LPG.

Production of domestic hot water

You can have all the hot water you need at your business in an instant, using PetroGaz LPG in tanks or cylinders. Replace your old, expensive and inefficient electric water heater with a modern LPG condensing boiler, taking advantage of all the benefits that this fuel offers.


Choose LPG in the kitchen too. The high calorific value gives it a high efficiency and shortens the cooking time, saving you money.

PetroGaz LPG, is available in practical cylinders and tanks of different capacities, and can also be used safely to supply the kitchen of your business.

Energy applications with the use of LPG are multiple, from the primary to the tertiary sector

  • Fish farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Pig farming
  • Milk pasteurization
  • Nougat production and almonds drying
  • Olive, lupine and caper marketing industry
  • Cured meats production
  • Jams and preserves production
  • Cheese production
  • Distillation of alcohol
  • Fruit juice production
  • Production of confectionery products, bakery products and cereals
  • Seafood preservation
  • Cereals drying
  • Production of plant essences for pharmaceutical or cosmetic use
  • Agricultural production in greenhouses
  • Leather treatment
  • Industrial production of ice cream
  • Electricity production
  • Cogeneration
  • Food packaging
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Water treatment
  • Bottle sterilization for beverage industry
  • Production of plastic containers
  • Vessel repair industry
  • Road repair
  • Tyre regeneration
  • Production of prefabricated concrete products
  • Metal processing
  • Components painting
  • Sanitization of buildings
  • Camping sites
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