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PetroGaz: innovation and research at the service of safety


PetroGaz has always distinguished itself, in the LPG market, for innovation and research of the highest standards of security, efficiency and technology, thanks to a constant modernization of plants and structures in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

All this without ever forgetting about the protection of the environment through the adoption of increasingly environmentally friendly solutions at all stages of production, transport and distribution of LPG.

An attention must be given to security, especially in the use of LPG cylinders and small tanks which directly involves the end customer, who is provided with all the information and indications necessary for correct use of the product.

Below there is a safety vademecum both for LPG cylinders and tanks.


LPG Cylinders

PetroGaz cylinders follow all European and Greek regulations, in terms of filling, periodic checks and re-testing.

  • Cylinders must be purchased from official PetroGaz dealers.
  • Check and replace the hose and regulator periodically.
  • The cylinder shall not be placed at a level lower than ground or near openings communicating with rooms at lower level or in unventilated rooms.
  • The cylinder must be positioned vertically with tap/valve at the top.
  • The cylinder shall not be inverted or tilted and shall not be placed in unstable balance.
  • The cylinder and hose must not be exposed to heat sources.
  • After each use, close the tap or valve without forcing it.
  • In rooms where cylinders and gas appliances are installed, adequate ventilation must be provided.
  • Any problem you find in the LPG cylinder, should be returned to the authorized PetroGaz stores.


LPG Tanks

PetroGaz LPG tanks follow all European and Greek regulations regarding their installation, maintenance and replacement.

  • Observe the safety restrictions imposed on the LPG tank installation area.
  • Avoid any interference with the LPG tank and do not violate safety rules.
  • Do not place flammable substances or objects (paper, wood, paint, etc.) in the LPG tank installation area.
  • Do not tamper with the LPG tank gauges.
  • Always ask for the intervention of PetroGaz specialized staff for any issue that arises in its use.
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