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LPG tanks

Everywhere, all over Greece, either directly from PetroGaz, or through our representatives, you can, easily and economically, install a tank in your space.


The sizes and types of LPG tanks offered by PetroGaz cover all your needs, from the traditional type of above ground LPG tank, to the type of underground LPG tank, which provides the advantage of installation even in cases of limited availability space.

The LPG tanks delivery process:

The itineraries for the supply of LPG tanks are regular and their scheduling ensures the immediate service as well as the energy autonomy of the customer. By installing a LPG tank system to meet our energy needs, we achieve:

  • Clean combustion
  • Economy
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance

The delivery of LPG to our customers always follows strict safety rules. During delivery, each tank is visually inspected before being filled with LPG, while the good condition of the instruments and equipment of the tank, as well as the surrounding area is confirmed. When filling the tank, all relevant safety regulations are observed. The constant updating of the latest technical developments, the continuous training of the staff, as well as the essential maintenance of the equipment make the delivery of LPG a safe process. The developed network of PetroGaz representatives and technicians is available daily to our customers, for further information.

all linear measurements are expressed in metres

LITRES Length (m) Diameter (m) Height (m) Weight (Kg)
1,000 2,20 0,80 1,40 300
1,750 2,45 1,00 1,50 500
2,500 2,50 1,20 1,60 600
3,000 3,00 1,20 1,60 700
5,000 4,80 1,20 1,60 1000
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