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LPG cylinders

Bottled LPG, due to its practicality and ease of transport, is available everywhere, being a reliable energy supply system.

PetroGaz started the production of bottled LPG in 1953 and launched the well-known blue LPG cylinder of 10 kg which became the “TRADEMARK” for bottled LPG in Greece.


PetroGaz currently has a large bottled LPG distribution network in Greece. In every neighborhood, in every village or city, you will find one of our thousands of partner stores. In our technologically advanced facilities, PetroGaz LPG cylinders are thoroughly checked before and after each filling and are subject to periodic and systematic maintenance. Genuine PetroGaz bottles have a cap and heat shrink sleeve, for guaranteed quality.

In addition to each ready to use bottle, a circular plastic card with instructions for use and proper placement is placed around the valve. Before each use of the cylinder, the user must make sure that he has read and understood the instructions.

Bottled LPG Cylinder Capacities

PetroGaz LPG cylinders are available in the following capacities:

3 3,5 6,5 202×245
10 11 21 300×530
13 13 26 300×625
25 20,5 45,5 360×825


Composite cylinder

Today, PetroGaz invests to the future and offers innovative products. Meet the new, innovative composite LPG cylinders of PetroGaz made from high strength materials. The main advantages of the composite cylinders are:

  • It is light: with 50% less tare weight for easier transport and use
  • It is transparent: with visible LPG level for timely replacement
  • Has a modern look
  • It is easy to use
7,5 4 11,5 305×468
10 5,5 15,5 305×571
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