PETROGAZ was founded in 1953 and is the Greek leading LPG company with an extensive distribution network covering the entire mainland as well as the islands  of Greece.

12,000 gas cylinders retailers
12,500 tanks
180 AUTOGAS filling stations

PETROGAZ and Society

  • Official sponsor of all torch races of the Olympic Games, has actively promoted the Olympic more

Safety Rules

One of the main objectives of PETROGAZ is consumer's safety

LPG in Cylinders

Today, PETROGAZ runs the largest gas cylinders distribution network, in Greece. In every neighborhood, in every village or town, you will find one of the thousands participating stores selling gas cylinders.

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LPG in Gas Tanks

Everywhere throughout Greece, either directly from PETROGAZ or through our dealers , you can now immediately and economically install a tank in your place.


PETROGAZ currently supplies more than 180 filling stations

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