Transparent & Lightweight LPG cylinder

Transparent & Lightweight LPG cylinder

PetroGaz since 1953 is the most experienced Greek company specialized in LPG.
Today we use our expertise to design and implement clean and “money saving” solutions for your energy needs, investing in research and promoting innovative products.
Discover the new innovative cylinder of PETROGAZ, getting you closer to the future, thanks to many advantages
• It’s lightweight: having 50% reduced tar making the usage and the transportation easier
• It’s transparent: With visible LPG level you will never run out of power suddenly
• It has a modern design
• Lasts long : since it contains 10kg of LPG for efficient and economic gas availability.
• Its handy and robust constructed by advanced materials to make your life warmer, cleaner, more creative!


Trusting PETROGAZ, you are sure that you ‘ve selected a brand with a long tradition in quality and well established in the Greek consumer’s perception with trust and preference, prioritizing your needs.

  • Here in PETROGAZ we have invested in the customer service and we are ready to respond in every inquiry or need before and after your purchase.

Everywhere throughout Greece, either directly from PetroGaz or through our dealers you can get supplied with our products.

Quality and easy to use

  • Thanks to its design and the unique quality of Petrogaz, LPG cylinders are now even friendlier and easier to be used by the consumers with respect to the environment.
  • Our products are designed to be easy to use, covering most of your needs for heating, cooking and barbeque.

The quality of PETROGAZ applies to any of our products.

Get informed!

You can get more information and find out the nearest retailer, by calling on the following numbers:

Head Office : 210 3692779
Aspropyrgos : 210 55063316
Salonika : 2310 707450
Larisa: 2410 541145