LPG in Cylinders

PetroGaz Cylinders

LPG in Cylinders

Traditional LPG cylinders are a reliable LPG supply system. LPG cylinders due to their ease of transportation are available everywhere.
In the technologically advanced facilities of PetroGaz, cylinders are thoroughly examined before refiled with LPG and are subject to periodic and systematic maintenance. PetroGaz cylinders carry a plug and heat-shrink cap for extra protection. Additionally, on each filled cylinder, around the stopcock, is placed a circular plastic tab with how-to-use instructions. Before each use of cylinder, the user must make sure to have read and understood these instructions.

Use of LPG cylinders

Domestic & Commercial Sector

The advantages of using LPG in the domestic and commercial sector are:

  • Direct and efficient production of quality products.
  • Appliances and areas where use of LPG is made, always remain clean.
  • Costs and maintenance times of appliances are minimized.
  • Environment is protected.


The unique characteristics of LPG enable absolute temperature control, direct response and stable operation, making it the first choice for the perfect cooking. So, either with modern domestic or commercial gas cookers and stoves, or with traditional gas rings, cooking today is very practical and economical, and helps to substantially reduce the daily cost. The restaurant apparatus operating on LPG offer to the professional increased speed production of goods, for quick and efficient customer service. It is no coincidence the fact that in all taverns and restaurants, LPG comprises the first choice.

Heating indoors and outdoors

The heating by use of LPG cylinders can be achieved, either with portable heaters, or wall mounted burners, which provide numerous advantages, as they can easily replace older systems operated by other fuels, ensuring autonomous and economical operation, safety and respect for the environment. Also, exterior areas are utilized in winter by use of heating “umbrellas”.

Hot Water production

Nothing more practical than instant hot water at the temperature we desire, just by turning the tap. Instantaneous water heating fuelled by LPG cylinders, provides maximum economy practically, paying only the energy we actually “use”.