Occasionally, a product refers to a brand-name to such an extent and in such a way that consumers' perception is that the brand-name is identified with the product itself. Behind such a successful image, there is always a great past. In Greece, the goal became a reality with a lot of work and perseverance. PETROGAZ is identified with LPG.
Dr. Constantinos Dragan, European on principle, realizing the LPG market potential and fueled by the achievement of BUTANGAS Italy that year, he made the plunge and founded PETROGAZ in 1953.
Two years later, in Thessaloniki, Koukloutza site, is constructed the first storage facility, which 14 years later is transferred to Diavaton site. Consumers, thanks to PETROGAZ, discover a new way of heating and cooking: thus, begins the identification of LPG with the name of PETROGAZ.
1961: initiates the major installation of Aspropyrgos and begins development on the islands and the rest of mainland in Greece.
1962: begins the operation of the plant in Mytilene.
1972: begins the operation of the plant in Corfu.
During the biennium 1974-1975 come into operation facilities in Patra, Kalamata and Preveza.
1980: the Company acquires "KOSMOGAZ HELLAS SA" and spreads to Crete (Heraklion, Chania) and Chios.
 In the 1990s PETROGAZ is spreading even further.
1995: participates in the share capital of the company "BUTANGAS Romania". Also establishes a new plant in the Industrial Area of Patra.
1996: begins the operation of the plant in the Industrial Area of Ioannina.
1998: begins the operation of the plant in the Industrial Area of Larissa.
2009: acquires majority stake in the company "Eurogaz" with facilities in Alexandroupolis, currently holding 91.85% of its share capital.
2010: proceeds to merger with the company "ASPROPYRGAZ SA", absorbing the last.
PETROGAZ is developed rapidly over the years and becomes part of the everyday life. Enters homes as a member of the family, feeds with LPG thousands of commercial enterprises, crafts, industries and LPG filling stations. The large number of cylinders, reservoirs and PETROGAZ filling stations of LPG engines, offers immediate and exceptional level services appreciated by all customers.
The headquarters of PETROGAZ is located in the center of Athens. It is a company with 220 employees, 12,000 bottled product distribution stations, 12,500 bulk product vessels installed in customers' facilities, at the same time supplying over 180 AUTOGAS stations, while thousands of people are employed in the handling and marketing of LPG.
PETROGAZ, over half a century, has taken root in the Greek consumers' perception with trust and preference. One in three consumers, who use LPG in Greece, is a customer of PETROGAZ.